D&C Custom Homes is your local roofing, windows, and siding specialist. We offer free estimates for any remodeling project. D&C Custom Homes do it all; from roofing to kitchen remodels, we have you covered. At D&C Custom Homes we focus on providing the most accurate estimates at little to no hassle for the client. Your home's roof is a serious matter. It keeps your home safe from moisture, wind, hail, and other various natural dangers. Protecting your home with a new roof is one of the most important things a homeowner can do.

D&C roofers have 15 years of installation experience and have worked on every type of roof with various roofing materials. From Asphalt shingles to slate and clay, D&C roofers are qualified and have the experience necessary to fix your home's roof, while creating the look the homeowner desires. Proper roof installation is important in order to protect your home from leaking and moisture buildup inside the attic, walls, or living spaces.

Looking for an impact-resistant shingle on your new roof? Impact-resistant shingles come with discounts from most major insurers, as well as peace of mind that your roof will survive the vast majority of hail storms that Oklahoma weather throws at it. Everyone knows a softball, hurling at your home from a few thousand feet above, will have catastrophic consequences for any home. Any roofer knows nothing can stop these types of major events. But these types of storms are the exception, not the norms. Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about your typical hail storms destroying your roof? Some impact-resistant shingles offer protection against hail up to 2” in size! Discuss your roof is covered with impact-resistant shingles with one of our specialists today!

Does your roof sag or bow in areas? Do we need to get the sagging sections out? We can support and lay new decking to ensure your roof does not sag. Fast roof decking replacement is always available. While installing the new decking; We can cut in new ventilation, or install a new ridge vent to ease the pressure in your attic. This prevents nail pops and other various problems not covered by insurance companies. Creating a nice ventilated attic is key to your roof's long-term health. Let us show you how we can help reduce pressure and ensure your roof is sturdy for years.

When considering a new roof there are a lot of factors, besides price, to consider. That is why our warranty is second to none. We offer a full 1-year installation warranty, as well as various manufacturer warranties to ensure you are protected for years to come. Furthermore, we offer a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Let our roofing specialists provide you with a free roof quote today.
Needing siding or windows? D&C Custom Homes work with all siding types from Vinyl, Hardie, and LP Smartside, to brick and stone. We have many very affordable options to give your home siding an update. Hundreds of sizes, colors, textures, and options for the homeowner to choose from. Want to match siding with windows? We offer 20 different suppliers to select from in order to create the look and color scheme you are looking for.

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